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This is intended as a neutral 5% ABV base for making flavored seltzers.

Simply add any of our 4oz natural flavorings at bottle time!

Q. Why is the seltzer base straw color?
A. Due to micronutrients being added to support healthy yeast fermentation, the seltzer base will
have a light straw color.
Q. Will my seltzer base clear?
A. The seltzer base will clear naturally during fermentation and produce a neutral seltzer base.
Q. Should I use a fining agent?
A. The seltzer base should clear naturally, however, if you experience any clearing issues Chitosan
may used during clearing stage to aid in the process.
Q. Why should my flavoring not contain sugar?
A. All fruit juices, concentrates and purees contain natural sugar. All natural forms of sugar are highly
fermentable and once added will cause fermentation to start again and create more alcohol.
Q. Why artificial sweeteners for back sweetening?
A. All natural forms of sugar are highly fermentable and will cause fermentation to start again,
creating more alcohol and no sweetness.

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